My first Post (On WordPress)


So this is my first post on WordPress, Not sure why I bothered making this account as I am quite happy with my blogsopt account. I guess constantly commenting on Jill’s blog prompted me to create an account and with that comes this post.
I wish I knew how to link my blogspot and WordPress it would be really cool, but wishing usually get anyone nowhere in particular, So I shall do some research when time permits and make that happen, Yes I understand it’s a matter of Googling it but now that I’ve started to type I shall keep to that.
And with that I guess Welcome to my WordPress blog, which will most probably be mirroring my blogspot blog: rothbourne101. So if you are reading this and find it slightly interesting and mildly amusing do follow my blog and comment and share and let me know what you think, I am in all sense of the word a noob at writing and blogging, but writing is something I enjoy doing and yes we bloggers (If I can categorize myself in that domain) secretly hope for a little readership:

“We write because we want to write. Not because we want others to read – okie we secretly do.” – Senashia Ekanayake

So hope to write more and progress as I go. I openly invite you to judge my writing! This could prove to be dangerous.
So till next time then.

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2 thoughts on “My first Post (On WordPress)

  1. Good luck Johannesburg ! =]


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