Sabotage 101

Assassins & terrorists’ have one particular activity in common, namely “sabotage”, both these groups take months of practice, planning & preparation before they move in on a target/assignment and patience it the key to a successfully executed mission;The result of these actions causing major damage to public or private property, loss of life or procession, and a solid and non-reparable dent on image or social status of the victim.

It is not every one who can accomplish these tasks, a considerable amount of training, meditation, skill & tremendous effort on will power. Loosing ones conscience is mandatory in this cruel career!

Physical conduct and fitness is of extreme importance, daily fitness sessions and proper absorption of nutrition is vital to maintain a flexible and quick physicality.Enhancement of senses such as hearing, seeing, smelling & touch can be obtained by listening, looking, observing & meditation.The second most important aspect is the “backup plan”, one can be the most renowned in his or her profession, but one can never be sure of the outcome of even the best laid plans, always be prepared for the worst(it is a healthy practice to have one’s will in order if occupied in a profession such as this). As for the backup plan be ready to take a second stab at it, the pay check might be worth it (the circumstances of an unfinished mission could be as fatal as failing the second time), but if the situation & circumstances prevail be on your toes to just “get up and run”, this brings us to the art of shadowing & disappearing – but that’s a different endeavor all together. The backup plan should be simple & easy to execute.Remember: “Always have backup plans to backup your backup plan”.

Fear and love for one’s self is not acceptable in this deadly triad. One should get rid of attachments & worldly needs. Needless to say they will only hinder your actions and judgments, the slightest of hesitation can compromise the mission.And in conclusion never leave evidence or use trademark techniques, trust me this is not some thong you want to be famous for!

My point in this elaboration is STAY AT HOME AND GET A DESK JOB!!!

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