The wild wonderer

Days have passed by without any significant change;

Life just flows on like a little brook on the side of a forest line. 

It just seem futile, this pursuit pointless, aimless above all lifeless.

Taking a few steps forward only to retreat like coward, afraid of the future we do not hold.

FOOLS! They yell at us like the fools of old did at them, don’t you realize? It can be better than this Massive boulders and rocks hurdled my way, thrown in my face!

You expect me to pave my own way! With this turmoil I go through and hate that’ leaves me dead.

I need help! I need you! Tell me how to go on, take this walk with me.

Everything is completely irrelevant. Yes! even me and you and that kid next door!

I suffer alone, on my own had I anyone to cry out to I would still do the same.

I cry myself to sleep a wild wonderer looking out into the streets with no hope and no salvation from this abbess of light darkness

It’s never black or white its luminous ink spilt all over the sheet of pure delight.

Don’t you realize? There is no way out!

But wait…What’s that? A tweet, a voice an overwhelming light!

And it wants me to know, it wants you to know as well!

That you are loved and looked after like an individual’s sight

That I am special, planned for and kept aside for something beyond me

So this is what I was being prepared for I see things clearly now,I see it all differently, the dark light is bright and oh so clear, crystal clean

I want you see it with me, its fine I know you have your doubts I did too

But trust me it’s worth it, you won’t regret it

Because in the end to him you are gold!

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