Travelers time

The train finally reached the station, it had arrived precisely at a quarter-past-three, I knew this time because the humongous clock handing in the station said so and the steam train was due exactly at that time. The reason I mentioned that specific detail, which seems unnecessary at the time is because I did not have a watch on me, this piece of information might seen totally out of place as well, however it is quite as important for the climax of future evens depend on it, I will not go I’m to the detail how I did not come to process a watch at that time.
By the time the train had come to a halt the so-far motionless station buzzed to life. It took exactly fifteen long seconds for the train to come to a complete stop; I counted ever second that the train slowly dragged be till it came to a dead halt. It has been my habit to be very precise when it came to time; I was so keen on it that it soon became an obsession. This resulted, in me starting even count the time in seconds and not in minutes like other people. I was strange of me in a way, but nobody seriously minded.  

 As it happens my journey was one of several hours and as I stood on the station I realized I did not have any refreshments with me, as my arrival to the station was a sudden business matter that required my attention immediately and in my haste to attend to matters as soon as possible I rushed to station bringing only my most needed processions. So I decided to go back to one of the vendors and purchase a bottle of water.         
As I was walking back to the train I noticed a pair of very attractive young ladies, and they appear to notice as well, for they were looking in my direction and giggling. As soon as they realized that I myself had notices them their faces when red, they tried to hide the face they were blushing! I smiled at them, one of the girls returned the smile, she looked very pretty and I notice that she had dimples on either check. The other girl, who seems to be her sister, appeared to be teasing the one that smiled at me. My heart was filled with satisfaction. But then, I realized we had an audience. An old man stood nearby sneering disapprovingly. I almost laughed, but decided against it, it might have even amused the girls if I had insulted the man, but I did not take the risk, for all I could know he could be their father or uncle or other male relative.
So I decided to get aboard the train as soon as possible, which I did. I looked for an empty cabin because I like to travel alone. Unfortunately there were no empty cabins available, except for one which sat the old man from the station, he sat reading a news paper.
I sighed; it had to be me I told myself.

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