Waiting smiles

She was looking out the window, It was raining outside she smile to herself because she liked the rain, but right now she wished it was a bright sunny day as the rain was delaying something she was look forward to… she checked her phone for like the millionth time. Wondering if everything was alright, if that moment was going to come today?

She was tired and feeling a bit cold, she obviously wasn’t dressed for the weather. She wore a body hugging purple T-shirt and a pair of old jeans. But she didn’t mind the weather now; thinking about what was to come made her warm on the inside. She smiled again, she felt stupid and took a look around to see if people where looking at her for behaving like a skitsofrantic! Even that joke-to-self made her smile, heck! Everything seemed make her smile.

The barrister brought her a hot coffee she had ordered, which seemed like ages ago. She clutched the hot mug and instantly felt the warmth of the drink. Now her heart was beating fast. She found herself looking out the window again. She was nervous. She was biting her lips and fumbling about.

Then, out of nowhere she felt a figure standing behind her. Instinctively she knew who it was and he said: “Hi Hun, sorry I’m late.” She smile to her self… he has finally arrived.


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