The People Series: Introducing Johanns Rogers

This is the sweetest thing anyone has done . Thank you Senashia!

Peeps follow her blog, it’s pretty interesting, insightful, full of life lessons and inspiration 🙂


So, first up in our People Series is none other than my favourite commenter (ahem, because he comments often!): Johanns Rogers. He has quite a few links and I cannot hyperlink just one and perform grave injustice, so I will do so at the end of this post.

Johanns or Rothbourne as I call him off screen, I actually learnt how to pronounce the former name when we met to have a chat. It’s pronounced like this /ʤɐʊɥæɴʂ/ (the phonetic alphabet isn’t universal, wage). Which was supposed to be tea, but ultimately he cheated on with juice and I on cafe latte. Chee.

Well, the meeting was a long time coming. WAY WAY WAY before I even thought of attempting people-based posts and shiz. Despite having known Johanns through Twitter, I think he and I may share some ‘history’, in a way that the general public would never even dream of!…

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