Christmas Analysis

I don’t usually wish anyone for anything via social media or text messages anymore, feels a bit unsatisfactory for some reason. Not personal enough for me I suppose. So don’t expect a generic Christmas wish from me.

But when I do wish people for something like Christmas ( Usually replying to wishes I’ve got ) I wish everyone including the non-Christian people a blessed Christmas, to which they usually respond:

“But I don’t celebrate Christmas! Where’s the cake?”

First of all: Christmas is about a baby being born a long time ago who at 30 changed the way mankind thought about things and frankly bought peace to the heart of a restless people.
You might not believe that he is the son of God or that he rose again from the dead; but his teaching and the way he makes us stop and think to this very day, that’s something worth celebrating for years to come.

Second of all: What Christmas is NOT about is the below list (I like lists and I’m lazy):

Santa Clause
Christmas trees
Sales and Offers
Being Drunk
Gifts and self pampering

These things have no relation to the birth of Christ in any way.

But the third and main point of the this post if it has any, is that Christmas is for everyone.Whether you celebrate it or not (or don’t want to) Jesus Christ was born to save the sinners hear then the words of peace “Your sins have been forgiven” because we are all sinful! He died to save us all! So there you go; that is your reason to celebrate Christmas!

And last of all: No. There is no cake! I would like some cake myself. But there is none.

Here’s a big hug instead.

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