A Letter In The Mail


It’s been quite some time now since we last spoke. just checking on you, how have you been? hope you’re keeping well. 

I’ve been busy actually, so that’s my excuse for not keeping in touch. Honestly you think with a New Year and all you might be able to do things differently! like make time for impotent things and people, but frankly the old schedule is to capacity.  Well right now I am surprised I have not much to do. 

I started writing this letter 3 weeks ago! Yes I am picking up after 3 long weeks. Lots have happened since then, which helps because before I didn’t have anything to write about which is in fact the cause of the 3 week writing block. I shall also blame my own lousy time management as well for that.

Let me try and give you a recap of the last month of my life, and keep it one paragraph;

January started off pretty well, being the beginning of the year and what not. Bucket loads of work kept me busy and distracted from what was going wrong (if any at all). I won myself an iPod last week by drawing an entry for a Facebook competition, also found an article that I wrote last December in a popular Christmas magazine! Yeah I’d say it was a good and blessed month.

I was hoping to write this letter before the end of January, but Here I am in February’s arms finally finishing this short letter to you. I wish I could make it longer but I’m afraid that might take another 3 weeks.

Keep safe, be good and do keep in touch. Try and save the world or at the very least save someone’s world.

I will try my level best to write to you every month.

With love,

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