What was the First Christmas Gift?

Last December I wrote an article about the true meaning of Christmas (or at least what I perceive it to be) for a Annual Christmas magazine in Sri Lanka: Noel. Recently while I was sitting at the Elephant House head office reception waiting to collect a prize I had won from a Facebook competition, I noticed the above mentioned magazine. I had actually forgotten about the article, but seeing the magazine I immediately flipped through the pages hoping to see my article and there it was on Page 9!

Needless to say this is a very big lead for me, infact a bucket list entry cutoff! This was the first time anything I wrote got published and in print. I have to thank Seni (@Seniinthebox on Twitter) for proofreading and editing my article! I would say my article was shape but after she was done with it it was great! Also a shout out to Janath (@knifethatclown on Twitter) for presenting me with an opportunity to write for a magazine and of course all praise and glory to God for inspiring me and I pray that he will give me the ability to put words into actions


Without further ado here is the article I wrote, A bit bit late for a Christmas related article I know,  this is February after all. but here it is, hope you enjoy it and can relate to the message:

What was the First Christmas Gift?

Christmas, what is Christmas? What does it mean to us? Do we celebrate the true meaning of Christmas?

The night baby Jesus was born is the night every human being throughout history and the world knows and considers to be the most joyful night of all. Every year on December 25, irrespective of race, religion or colour, men and women alike celebrate Christmas as though it was the biggest party of the year, which undoubtedly it is! What better reason to celebrate the Son of man who came down to this sinful world to sacrifice and liberate us from our sorry old selves?

A God that loves his people so much that he sacrificed his own Son for the salvation of the very people who condemned and went against him. He sent his Son to save all us sinners. It is important that we take a step back and admit that we are all sinners. Even those who stand high, mighty and in judgement of others and call the others sinners. The worst of these sinners being me.

God loves everyone, the young, old, rich, poor, sick, white, black regardless of their sexual orientations or dress size. God loves us all and he wants to take us all into His presence. But we are unholy and sinners and God hates sin (not the sinner) and he yearns to get close to you but your sin is gets in the way like a black cloud of tar! You might ask, why doesn’t He do something about it? Why not just snap His fingers fix it? He doesn’t do so, as we are gifted with free will. So He does the unthinkable, sends His son to us to save us to teach us about Him and to die for us. Now we have forgiveness, we have grace but He is not going to force it on us either. He wants us to accept it and make it our own.

Sadly this great historic life changing event has become just another commercial thing that is used to boost sales and indulgences, but what it really is, is a reminder of what kind of Christians we should be, and an opportunity for us to tell the world or at least our unaware neighbour about the love of our Lord and what He did for us to show how much He loves us. We are all called to serve; to be fishers of men/women and frankly when you personally know the Lord, the joy of knowing Him is accompanied by the need to tell your story of discovering God.

As a Christian who discovered the true meaning of Christmas, I urge you all to live your life as a testimony to others of what the Lord has done for you, let your life be the standard for Christian living.

And to conclude let me leave you with this question: What was the first ever Christmas gift? A child of course, a helpless baby that became the helper of the world through the power of the Holy Spirit, a power that was granted to all who claim it, so claim it and display the mighty power of the Lord to the whole world!

Have a joyful Christmas and may the good Lord bless you with opportunities to spread His love!


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2 thoughts on “What was the First Christmas Gift?

  1. Goldie says:

    Hi there! Thank you for dropping by My Book Musings!
    I cannot recall what my first Christmas gift was, I suppose I can say it’s simply the gift of life and being born into a wonderful family. Congratulations on being published in an article, that is quite an achievement indeed!


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