How To Lose

What I’m about to write is not something you don’t already know or haven’t learned by experience already. If you haven’t then; God bless you! Its about time you had a revelation

Let me quote a part from a autobiography of a man as written by St. Matthew:

“So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

Yes okay I quoted Jesus from the Bible. But you don’t have to be the son of God to realize a simple truth in life.

You have already lost when you let yourself think you have won.

Its not rocket science, its psychology, here I would like to note that I know nothing about psychology but I do to a certain degree know about people and life.

People are by natural over zealous, love to empower themselves and be satisfied with themselves.

Its the classic tale of the hare and the turtle, you know the one; where they decide to race and rabbit is ahead so it decides to nap and the turtle inches pass it to the finish line.

So even though we have been spoon fed this simple fact of life from our childhood, we tend to forget this lesson that could help us win in life.

Don’t ever let your guard down specially when the finish line is so close, because most of the time its just a decoy of victory. The truth is the race is never truly over till you decide to walk away from it, which you are allowed to, but it would be sad if you lose because you thought you had won and stopped competing.

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One thought on “How To Lose

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