The Fault In Ourselves

This post is going to be about a pressing issues in our society and about a book that has changed the way I look at life.

The topic Teenage suicide and the book “The Fault In Our Star” both have the similar theme of death hovering around it, but what sets them apart is that in one while young teenagers throw away their lives (literally) in the other one girl struggles to live.

The book The Fault In Our Stars is a romantic comedy about a girl suffering from cancer who quite frankly makes it seem hilarious through her quirky personally and very sophisticated and vast vocabulary all while dealing with being a “Professional Sick Person.” Her story is captured beautifully through the writing of John Green.

Thank you Shailee for lending me this book.

This book is not a cancer book, because cancer books suck” – Hazel Grace

If I gained something from this book it would be a new respect for life and if I learned something from this book is that every life is invaluable.

Honestly all I have to say about suicide is that its a crappy choice, don’t make that choice. Something that happened on Facebook is not a valid reason to end it. Think about the pain you are leaving behind. Being embarrassed is like falling in love, it’s a choice. You choose to be embarrassed; choose instead to make it a life lesson, so like me one day you can share it in the hope that it will help someone else.

Stop for a minute and think about Hazel Grace Lancaster, she had nothing going for her she was dying anyway. But she didn’t want to die because she wanted to be remembered, remembered for something other that having a cancer.

Give yourself that opportunity, to be remembered for something other than whatever situation brought you to believe that suicide is a valid choice. If you are someone willing to commit to killing yourself, take my advice put that commitment in to good use, you might end up changing the world for all you know.

If you are someone who is contemplating suicide as an option, I hope this post finds its way to you, that it will give you a new perspective and will help you make the right choice, and the right choice is always life.


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