Civil to Service

Amrit no matter how much you change, you will always be the “egghead” to us. Also note your Crew cut only enhances that feature 😛

But in all seriousness I am extremely proud of who you’ve become and despite all the changes and new things around you, your friendship and ability to drive me up the wall has not changed a bit and I hope it never does.

To quote you:

“Just because we don’t meet that often and are far apart doesn’t mean things change Jo”

Lol.. Yes I know if sounds gay out of context, but someday if you kick the bucket before me I will open your eulogy with this quote. 😛

Also try not to get shot in the chest or fail any exams. 😉

Amrit is currently a Naval engineer in training at the General Sri John Kothalawala Defense University.
Follow Amrit’s blog: as he blogs about life in the military.

Foamy Waves & Sea Breeze

          So I’ve finally decided to blog. I can almost see the elation on the faces of certain people who’ve been pestering me throughout to start blogging (*cough* Jo *cough* Mandy). So here goes…


          Well, the thing is, I’ve been in the service for more than a year now and I can feel and know for a fact that many things have changed within this period. For one, my physical appearance. For those who haven’t seen me for over a year, guess what, I’m even skinnier than the once skinny self I was (yes, it is possible it seems!). However, physical appearance aside, it’s the personality and the mindset that the service is able to change within those who enlist that never ceases to amaze me.

          For example, most of us who didn’t care two…

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