Back in the day I would be in the library week after week, even though I am a very selective reader the public library (several decades out of date) always had something exciting!

I remember when my parents worried because they thought I read too much and would get lost in a fantasy world, which of course I did! That’s the whole point of reading, isn’t it? also kids there is no such thing as too much reading. It’s probably not too good for your eyes to read in the dark with only a touch as your source of light thought.

The thing about books is that it’s up to you, you get to picture what things look like or comprehend what sort of feeling is seeping through the pages. Most “normal” consider reading to be an escape for the “nerds” but really it’s actually freedom, I get to choose my next adventure.

The thing about libraries are that they never leave you wondering what to do next, there is always another story to pick up, another life to live among the pages. The serenity of the cold quite, long corridors with countless books, the comforting darkness that looms and the mean looking librarians probably has an exciting story too.

Sure these days reading material are conveniently placed in front of us on our digital devices, but you can never really replace the smell of pages flipping and the sight of dust glimmering through the darkness caught in a beam of light from a far away window.


Bibliothèque is library in French

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2 thoughts on “Bibliothèque

  1. Jillinthebox90 says:

    Libraries also become a vast collection of everything that make you feel as though you are part of something. Also fact, fantasy is always better than reality 🙂

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