War Cry – Rz Omar

Our very own local talent, fellow Sri Lanka Unites team member, one of most talented Tamil rappers I have heard and friend Arzath Areeff is taking his message to the world.

“We don’t want blood shed, we don’t want weapons” he sings in the chorus, over and over again, reflecting the unheard voices of the people affected by war.

The song is about the gruesome reality of war.

“Its all about STOP WAR and I added some past war pictures of Sri Lanka here to express the vandalism of the war.”

Even though the military war is over the reality of “peace” is not yet realized.
You don’t need to go to war-torn areas to witness the vandalism of war, go to the house of someone affected by war, that is vandalism of the worst kind that can never be restored and I’m not talking about the broken buildings, I’m talking about the broken lives that the war has resulted.

The war in our island is technically over, so let’s strive to keep it that way.

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