April Fools! It’s Not My Birthday.

First of all thank you so much for the volly of wall posts, texts (I mean whatsapp, no one texts anymore) and phone call wishing me for my birthday which soon turned into cursing and threats.

As you all know today is the 1st of April, commonly known as “April fools day”. So no it isn’t my birthday today. That was a prank and yeah most of you fell for the most basic troll ever.

But everyone who wished did so with love and I can’t not feel bad about misleading you lovely people(who doesn’t know when my birthday). So please accept my heartfelt apology, even though I had a ball laughing at you all. I was going to change it back to normal at noon but now Facebook won’t allow me to change my birthday (Haha… jokes on me now).

For those who caught on early or got it even after a while, good job. everyone else, well APRIL FOOLS! also sorry.

In other news, The How I Met Your Mother Farewell was epic!


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