Balls! decision-making is hard no? I make so many bad decision and yet find it (making bad decisions) more appealing than going through the process of making the “right” decision.

I don’t even know what or how to define “right” is it the one that works for me or the one that is good for everyone? Is there a in-between? Is it a bad choice purely because it’s a selfish one?

I used to assume that good decisions where the once that help you sleep at night, the one that leave you with peace of mind. Now I’m not so sure, my experiences tell me a confusing story some have turned out well and some have been disasters! Thankfully I rarely carry regret for long.

I think in some situations the best choice is the one that has an element of risk. The decision that you make weighing the pros and cons, calculating whether the pros overweight the cons and selecting the one that have less risk, those are easy choices. They don’t even fall under the “hard decision” category. No the hard decisions are the ones you can’t possibly imagine the outcome of and make you think twice.

I find it helps to seek divine guidance when making decisions, it has become a natural reflex for me to turn to prayer. If I feel the assurance and approval of the almighty  is upon me that’s the go ahead for me, this assurance by no means one of smooth sailing, it’s a promise of hardship and strength to come through from the other side better than you went in.


P.S. this blog post was inspired when I started commenting on Jill’s post “On Comparisons


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2 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. I suppose this is my call to start praying more. My excessive learnings in literary theory have taught me that leaving your ‘burden’ to God, often helps you feel better about yourself. Even less responsible I suppose to an extent! 🙂 Convenient but helps you with life, I think.


    • rothbourne says:

      Ah but the picture I have in my head is God doesn’t just take our burden and send us on our merry way, he’s the God who would help us carry our burden and see us through to the end.


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