Oh my! Looks like I have nothing to write about, no train of thought that I need to put into words in written form. What to do? What to do?

Well I thought of using this very unproductive Monday evening to “write” about not having anything to write about. Well It’s been done before and I’m not a big fan of doing something for the sake of doing it and not doing anything that doesn’t reflects who I am and isn’t unique.

Leaving that aside, Mondays? What’s the deal with Mondays? I usually don’t give into the blue Monday nonsense; I try to be extra positive on Mondays just to screw with the system. Not today though, today is an exception and I am willing to accept that not all days are as hectic and monotonous, sometimes it’s worse. I don’t really like to rant about my day either, I don’t consider that real blogging, that’s just journaling and in my book that should be your own private little thing.

I consider my twitter feed my journal in a way. I try to record most events of the day in a not too typical yet witty way. But these days I’m on bit of a twitter hiatus I suppose. Nothing dramatic, just that once in a while I need to and want to minimize my social media interaction. Doesn’t really help that my job is solely based on social media but I try. You know, one social network at a time.

Basically I’m only writing this because I have set my WordPress goals to post one a week and that is the only reason I am still typing.

Hoping everyone is dealing with their Mondays better than this.


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