This weekend I visited the Roomasala jungle beach in Galle with a bunch of friends. I usually don’t care much for beaches but this place was an exception. Honestly it was a beautiful place and with a sense of calm just lingering in the air. The sea water salty as it was, was cool to the touch in a very comforting manner. The beach was directly linked to the great rock mountain which is Roomasala, only separated by a creamy stretch of white sand.

Jungle Beach with the youth Ghetto gang

Jungle Beach with the youth Ghetto gang

During the mid week holiday I traine-ed it to Madampe. Again not a big fan of trains, I find the. Boring and uneventful unless you are with the right sort of people. We stayed in a small house, the kind you find in documentaries about rural third world countries. With proper woven coconut branches as the roof and incomplete walls, surrounded by a vast area of coconut tree plantations and home grown vegetables. A little way from the house is a small mash of a jungle, even though going in there meant coming out with cuts and bruises the serenity of being surrounded by green was an experience not to be missed. There were goats and chicken just trotting about. Pecking and the ground and munching off trees.

All in all this week I have been in touch with nature and nature has touched me and it was brilliant!

How amazing is the creation?


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