Crack on the wall

There is a wall, a massive thick wall.

There is a tiny crack on the wall.

What’s on the other side used to be bright and had qualities of a mirror.

It reflected light from sunbeams, giving light to all.

Then one day it broke and shattered and had to be put aside so it wouldn’t cut anyone else.

Sometimes sun beams enter through the crack and reflect off what is left, buried on the other side and made the crack on the wall glow a little.

There is this questionable want, to break down the wall and go back to the other aide,

To try and mend what is broken, to bring back what is lost or perhaps that was never found in the first place.

The urge is strong, the crack seems to be getting wider.

But then the sun shines it’s rays and reminds that the sunbeam’s light is far greater and brighter than the faint glow from what is left on the other side.

So you leave the crack alone for the time being and bask in the sun.

You don’t do anything to close up that crack though, you prefer to try and forget about it or use the sun to distract yourself for a while.

A part of you hopes that what’s on the other side will fix itself and break through the crack and come back to you.

You know that little spark of hope can consume you, but you also know that the sunbeams will keep you in check.

A story about moving on.

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5 thoughts on “Crack on the wall

  1. Jillinthebox90 says:

    The story about moving on could also be a story about seeing the beauty through the cracks in the wall, which recreates beauty that never was πŸ™‚


  2. Favorite line: You know that little spark of hope can consume you…


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