Weekends! Well what can you say they just make you tired doesn’t it? I suppose the sleeping-in that one extra hour established and the hectic week before suddenly just fall on you. It’s probably not the best plan to write about weekends on a Tuesday, but to tell you the truth I started writing this during the weekend.

So well hello! Did anyone miss my absence last week? I have to admit I have been sloppy when it came to blogging and keeping to the schedule missing my weekly blogging therapy and all. So if anyone missed me and my blog last week, my apologies.

So where were we? Oh yes! Weekends. The thing about weekends is that you look forward to it the whole work week and then when it finally arrive you kind of want it to be over soon. What can I say I miss the air condition at work and staying at home really really bores me? Does anyone else feel that weekends are a boring two days? I mean the sleep is good, love the sleep but over doing it just gives you headaches doesn’t it? Makes you think about what you’ve done with your life? And all the work piling up from the previous week and the work that is about to pile up on top of that pile the coming week! Thankfully I enjoy my work so I end up looking forward to it and if you’re not like me and work is a nightmare, well you got that going for you I suppose.

Anyway since this post is turning out to be a mindless rant rather than a though provoking reflection and I am being lethargic about it I tweeted out the question : “What do you guys love/loath about weekends?” to my twitter followers to fill in the rest of the blog, and since my followers are equally lethargic are super awesome (or I am over estimating my importance in the local twitter community) I only got quite a few responses:
















So if you are finding me on this blog for the first time, tell me on the comments below What do you love/loath about weekends?


Also if you are new to the blogging experience check out www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com just do it okay, it’s good for you. #IWSG



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