Mondays: take two

First of all apologies for not being consistent with the posts if anyone is actually waiting for them, well this is mostly me apologizing to myself for not keeping up with myself, what can I say it has been a busy month. so busy the office team had to go for a day out just to de-stress (not that we were all stressed out and like “Can’t any more!”).

I have a few things I want to talk about, ideally is separate posts but I haven’t had the time or energy to put the thought process into word. so till I actually get those done I though of just writing a short post for continuations sake.

It’s one of those Mondays with a high energy-consuming weekend and not enough sustenance (caffeine) to get you through the day kinda Mondays. Busy weekends and tired weekdays is what it’s all about. most of the people in office is wearing a blue shirts it seems, talk about a blue Monday!

This feels like a very incomplete post, what no theme, no real purpose and no interesting story. here’s hoping that the rest of you have a better Monday that me and here’s to a glorious week ahead.

okay time for a P.S.

So here’s the deal there is this super cool initiative to support insecure novice writers called the Insecure Writers Support Group a.k.a IWSG. it’s all about finding new writers and giving the bloggers new to the game a little extra exposure, but mostly it’s about sharing your experience as a writer/blogger.

So check it out and sigh up.


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3 thoughts on “Mondays: take two

  1. Jillinthebox90 says:

    I partly envy you! I’m not as busy with work these days, or maybe I am and have been finishing up work earlier than I thought, but I am yet to get used to this fasting sleep pattern of mine. Here’s to lots of energy and a brilliant week!


    • rothbourne says:

      Nothing to envy, I have work enough to keep me busy if I were to put my heart to it. just that I am feeling the tireds.

      Yes! to a energetic week with a residing workload!


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