Marmite is the best thing the British have come up with after Doctor Who (and for those who don’t know me: I am obsessed with Doctor Who,  me comparing Marmite to the Doctor is a big big deal! Also to Doctor loves Marmite too or he might hate it.. You can never tell with the Doctor’s ever-changing personally :P)

We all had some kind of relationship to Marmite growing up… But I started have serious a serious relationship with Marmite when the Marmite Sri Lanka Facebook page started. Soon after the page started posting pictures of all kind of food with Marmite, combination I have never even considered.

This is when I started adding Marmite to every meal I prepared! From rice, to rotti, to noodles, to chicken, to banana’s and milkshakes!

My #MarmitememoryJar is full of awesome recipes I have tried with Marmite which of course improved the taste and smell of every meal!!!

Even though I’m rarely home now, every time I am home I add Marmite to what ever my mom has prepared, because home is where the Marmite jar is at no ;D


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