#IWSG post – August

It’s that time of the month, the IWSG shout out time of the month! If you are reading this and you think it’s a cool post you would want to check out The Insecure writers support group because they are cool and keep an eye out for random bloggers like myself. You know if you are a wanna be writer like me that being honest about what you want to write is not that easy, for instance my last post “My love life in a blog post” post was not easy to write, I mean if you read it thinking this is what the writer is like you’ll probably end up thinking I’m a no good, flirty , horrible person who leads on woman, but the IWSG doesn’t judge you, they look at your writing and take you as you are, a writer. Let’s face it, you might be a “Wanna be” writer (curse me for using quotation marks for emphasis) but you want to be a writer, a good one. So keep writing and keep expressing and know that the IWSG has got your back.

I kind of missed out on blogging for a couple of weeks so I missed the IWSG post, so I am writing an entire post to make up for that!



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