My love life in a blog post

Ever wonder what it would be like if a girl was in love with you (of course you have), here’s what I imagine it would be like:

Initially I would be imagining it, thinking to myself that she’s checking me out and then dismiss the thought telling myself “She’s probably being nice to me, this is probably how she treats all her friends” (This part is true by the way, I do this all the time), what a shame though, would have been nice to have someone pining over me and giving loads of undesired attention (which I will probably enjoy) but then she’ll think I’m interested in her, because secretly she is interested me (this part is usually fictional almost all the time). So I play along with her flirtations because I do enjoy this, she’s such a flirt, she’s good at this. Maybe she does it all the time and I’m not the only guy. So just go with it, she’s not into me. I just want it to be true, because I’m sucker for attention and drama.

But then I have been giving her the attention she wants without even realizing it. She thinks it’s real, that I do have feelings for her and I’ve been leading her on! But it’s too late; she’s already in love with me! She can’t live without me! She’d rather die and now than lose me. I’m giving in. I’m letting her flirt with me and I flirt back, it’s so awkward and it kills me inside, but I do it anyway.

What am I going to do? Tell her how I really feel and walk away completely shutting her out? She’ll blame me for her pain. I finally make up my mind this has gone too far. What if she asks me out! What am I going to do then? Go out with her, marry her and play happy family for the rest of my life with someone who I don’t want to be with?

I feel guilty, she’s doing it on purpose, trying to make me feel guilty and it’s working. She tells me that she’ hates me! That she’ll never trust another man again I didn’t want to hurt her! But I don’t want her either! This is so wired. Why is it when someone loves you it’s not the right one!

If you reverse the gender roles in this and read it again, it’s about how girls would think about me.


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