Early Twenties Crisis

I know I haven’t done an actual blog post in a while now. To who ever is actually reading my apologies, I have let you down. It has been a rather tiring and hectic few months for me. I’ve been at the Future Leaders Conference in Ampara (which I should write about once I get my head around it) and I am still recovering from post conference depression and from being sick after exhausting my body in 5 days than I have the whole year. Clearly I have been cheating on my body with unhealthy food and no exercise, which came back to bite me in the ankle.  

To add to that some life changing events at home that had me a little dazed for a while. Realities are finally hitting home (no pun intended) and I am looking at a different way to deal with them rather than my usual stay out-of-home-as-late-as-possible tricks. It’s not really that dramatic though dads leaving the country for a job for two years and as the other adult male in the house I am obviously expected to be the “man of the house”. So yeah, goodbye social life and late nights, at least for a while.

I am sorry to myself and to you that I have not kept to my weekly writing/blogging. I just got really lazy and like I said in a bit of a messy place right now. Here’s to better days to come, I will believe what I always have: The best is yet to come and carry on.


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