The truth and the opposite

This post and I made a very strong emotional connection, therefore I shall share.

Sheruni Alles.

It was never supposed to be this way.

It was never supposed to be this heart strangling, suffocating, engulfing pain

I never meant to commit emotional suicide

Depression was a pit I blindly let myself walk into

I should have watched my step,

Perhapslooked forward,

Maybe jumped over it,or walked around it

But no, I walked straight into it

Face first, flat down


Im stuck now, unable to breath,

Too proud to ask for help

I ought to get up, but…

Though it’s dark and painful, it’s constant

Can’t get worse than this right?

What if I move and it hurts more?

I’d rather stay down than get up and fall again

It’s the impact that hurts

Who knew those flames of passion would be the very thing that burns me down to ashes?


Lift me and carry me up

Hold me tight

Don’t let me fall again

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