As it goes…

What do you do when your roommates girlfriend barges into your dorm room? Panic of course! you don’t wait till you find out why she looks so mad, because you know he’s in trouble, and when he’s in trouble you’re in trouble.

Technically she’s not supposed to be on this floor. You know segregation and all but the moron has been avoiding her all day which is what is causing this awkward situation I assume. I’ve noticed of course, but asked nothing from him.

“Where is he?” She demanded calmly. Hands on her hips like some goddess of death. Even when she’s mad she doesn’t forget to strike a pose.  I rolled my eyes, “what a drama queen” I thought to me self.
“A really hot drama queen though” replied my roommate in my head,like he usually would if he was here.

“Well?” She clearly noticed me rolling my eyes at her. Bad move. He’s not going to hear the end of this. The thought made me laugh a little in my head. I seem to do and say a lot of things in my head, I thought to my self doing it again.

“Um.. ” I said, trying to think of an answer to save us both from the wrath of the goddess of drama.

“He went looking for you… I think.” I said, feeling quite smart for coming up with that. “Downstairs, in the lobby, he could be still looking for you?”

No more words where exchanged. She did a dramatic twirl and slammed the door on her way out.

At this exact moment, as if on que the idiot of a roomies climbs in from the window.
“What the hell dude? What are you doing?”
I asked surprised but really I don’t even want to know.
“Your girl was just here” I informed him. His eyes widened with panic at this.
“Exactly” I said narrowing my eyes and being sarcastic.
“Damn… She must be pissed! What did you tell her?” He asked when he finally calmed down.
“I sent her to the lobby downstairs saying you went looking for her”
“Oh crap” he uttered climbing back out of the window in a hurry.

“What are you doing?” I asked.
“I can beat her downstairs and meet her there!” yelled back a disembodied voice from out the window.

How is he even traveling down the wall like this? I didn’t even know it was possible.

I got up and peeked out the window to ask but he was gone by the time.

All I could do was laugh out loud.

I wrote this short story making it up as it goes. I had no prior idea of how this was going to end (explaining the lack of a proper ending) I just let the story flow as I typed. I’m in a bus on my way to work by the way, so excuse any (plenty) of typos.

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4 thoughts on “As it goes…

  1. djslash9 says:

    Nice flow 🙂 keep it up


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