2014: The Last Post

This post is dedicated to everyone who managed to put up with me for a whole year and here’s hoping they will keep it up in the years to come.

As busy as I am I have decided this is something I need to do, yes a blog post after almost two months, I think. At this point I have lost track of what the year has been like since it just ran past me before I could even take down notes, so I don’t really know if this was a good year or a bad one.

One think I know this year has been is that it has been a very event full and busy year for me. Surprisingly I have come to enjoy the stress of work and despise the toxicity of bored. Typically this used to be the opposite of me, so I guess this could count as a personal improvement.

I find it worthy of curiosity that almost all the people who “had a great year” are looking forward for a new and fresh start though, if this year was so good why not carry on the way things are? And also the people who had apparently had the worst year ever doesn’t plan on doing anything change things around. I guess that’s none of my business, just an observation.

All in all this year has been a fun ride, lots of changes and somethings not changing. So I’m just going to sit back and see what the 2015 has to offer me and what I can offer to 2015.

So hey last blog post for 2014 and all that. Thank you all who stuck by me and those who struck me down, you all helped me grow and be better at being me.

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