Why I voted and you should too!

The long awaited Presidential election is finally here and tomorrow all the dogs in the country will go through hell ( I mean actual dogs, because of the fireworks and crackers). Now I hope all of you if not most of you used your valuable vote to elect the next president of Sri Lanka or to reelect the current president.

I too did vote, got my little finger painted in a color that somewhat seem to look like purple and yes I also uploaded a picture of it to show the world that I did indeed vote, even thought I find the act of posting things like that quiet obnoxious I kinda get why people would want to do it, you made a decision that could effect a nation and you’re proud and you should be. Turns out this is one of the largest turn out of votes for a election.

Who ever wins be it a new leader or the current one, I have no faith on either but I voted either way because it is my responsibility as a citizen, not as a favor for the candidates or for myself but for the sake of the bigger picture. For everyone who didn’t vote because they didn’t see a plausible gain for themselves or because you thought getting involved in politics is not for you, well the whole point of electing someone is so that they will get involved in the political affairs so you don’t have to and secondly, next time do vote because its not always about you.

I don’t believe my vote made a difference, whoever I vote for will most probably make no difference in my life but I hope it will be a part of something that will benefit the entire nation and I salute all who stepped out and cast their vote for at least trying to bring about change.


P.S. go easy on the fireworks and crackers, think about the dogs. The winner probably won’t even hear or care about the noise but a dog will always care about you and love you forever!

Update: Turns out the turn out of voters have decrease this time, contrary to my statement about it being one of the largest turn outs. It certainly seemed so.


6 thoughts on “Why I voted and you should too!

  1. sherunii says:

    Another day with my poor doggy under my bed. >.<


  2. manduns says:

    Reblogged this on surrounded yet free and commented:
    Yup. Yup. Yup. Though I got a feeling that my friend and I are in the opposite sides but still he speaks true 🙂


  3. Mike says:

    Enjoyed reading that, Johanns. Thanks.

    But it made me wonder.

    Do you think that a benefit or cost to the entire nation would somehow not affect you? You seem to imply that. In reality the one you voted for possess the power to influence your life in ways you’d probably never think! In fact, I think the outcome of this particular election showed potential of having the power to change the entire trajectory of our nation.

    With the fall of the former regime, I don’t know about you, but I feel I have greater freedom to express my views! Of course, the majority of us may still travel by bus, get the same pay and feel the same pain. Nevertheless, I sway toward the belief that, good governance brings about greater quality of life. And that affects every person being governed. I fear that failing to grasp the influence political rulers have on our lives could inhibit the quality of our citizenship. And this in turn affects good governance. So in a sense – it is a vicious cycle. So as much as it is not about us it is also about us. Hence, maybe we need to see beyond our bigger pictures sometimes.


    • rothbourne says:

      To be honest on the day of writing I ready did not expect anything to change.

      Now that things have changed I am hoping things will change for the better. I am still not too sure how the change would affect me but I hope my decision does have a positive impact on my life personally as well as the whole country.

      Liked by 1 person

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