Behind Closed Doors

It’s scary how much I identify myself with one of these stories. Most people wouldn’t see how I can relate to it but I guess behind closed doors things are very different.


I must say that this idea is not an original one (no one said I was the original-creative sort to begin with!) and it was something I shamelessly stole off Laura. As Laura says over in her post, I too know the following people. Some of their stories might have been tweaked a little so their identities will be protected thus making certain elements fictitious. But these stories are true and to some of us, maybe even relatable.

Meet A

A is a boy. A, at 23 has the perfect life, with a perfect job and is very happy with how things are going. He does not have a degree however, because he wasn’t too keen on studying despite having the means to do so, but is in the field of work that he cannot get enough of. Call him a workaholic, A has been working since he left…

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4 thoughts on “Behind Closed Doors

  1. seniinthebox says:

    I suggest you do your own version as well! 🙂


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