Noodles Rap Battle feat Gloria Hewapatha

This is a really really old post I almost forgot about, it’s been in my old blogspot blog and somehow didn’t get migrated here.

For the record, I regret nothing.

So I met Gloria Hewapatha ( @iGLOstar )
on twitter the other day due and discussion about Justin Timberlake’s new song, after all the agreeing and disagreeing was done we started talking about noodles (It’s twitter random shit like this come up all the time) after a couple of tweets regrading how we prefer the meal, this happened:

 ‏@iGLOWstar @rothbourne When fried, I prefer rice, soup is anytime, and instant even if too much two is gd sometimes! *wrote it like a song, yay!!!* 😀

Yep we ended up having a rap battle about noodles and gluttony that went like this:


GLO When fried, I prefer rice, soup is anytime, and instant even if too much two is good sometimes!

GLO  uh yeah uh yeah Noodles, go get on google,i like em soaking,receipe working for a soupy noodle,keep away ur poodle let em doodle

Rothbourne ah ha ah ha, I’m a fry them real good, make all you fools drool, top it with some bacon strips and eat it by my self!

GLO  eat it by yourself?!/Nigga aint no good for ur health,/u got bacon wealth,/made off a pig’s tail,/u better care to go and share

Rothbourne nobody gonna care if I’m dead, so imma eat em by my self, get fat like the pig I ate, make fun at the skinny kids on skates!

GLO  Pig u ate,fat kids on skates,wen u is dead,aint nbdy gon celebrate,aint that shit cray? true tho yolo,ya betta eat love n pray!

Rothbourne  You only live one, that one is a fact, so make the best count, and get on with gluttony!


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