Social Media Vacancy

No we are not hiring, but for those who are, I’d like to give out a few pointers.

I’ve seen that most employers today have one primary question that lands any individual a job, “Have you handled a Facebook page?” That’s equal to deciding your brands Facebook page is success based on how many likes it’s accumulated. While experience is important it shouldn’t the deciding factor when hiring a social media executive.

If I was hiring the first thing I would look in to is how passionate the candidate is about social media. From the few years of working in the field, I’ve realised that unless you are truly passionate about social media, you really wouldn’t last three months in the industry. It’s the same fact to building a career in any field.

There are a few ways to understand someone’s passion and enthusiasm towards social media and a few (practical) unorthodox questions I think you can ask to see how passionate the candidate is:

What would you do if something you posted doesn’t get any likes or comments?”

“What would you do if your Instagram doesn’t get enough likes or comments?”

“If you see a discussion or even an argument on Twitter what would you do?”

If answers to these questions are something close to:

I’d delete it! I’d be embarrassed to not get any likes.”

“I’d quickly add some hashtag (even irrelevant) and gain some more likes.”

“I’d find a way to jump in and insert myself to that conversation.

How would you judge this person? Clearly, this is your candidate who is a social media addict and assesses his their self-worth from likes and comments. Am I right? That would our natural assessment. While in everyday life this assessment can be justified, at an interview for a social media executive vacancy, this candidate deserves the second interview.

Why? Because a social media addict is exactly who you need to handle your social media!

If someone one has trouble staying away from social media for more than a few hours, or can’t wait to find out what the world is talking about, has enough passion to stay excited about working in social media and is curious enough to keep discovering social media all the time, this is exactly whom you should get on board.

Someone who is excited about a UI change on a social network, or immediately downloads the latest Android/iOS/Windows update for the mobile app is your candidate who will take your social media marketing strategy to the next level.

Social media has come along way. From being a social platform to a media entity of its own. Not long from now social media is going to be the primary channel of communication for brands and companies. It’s a fast paced industry and your social media executive has to be someone who is excited and aware about the revolution that’s about to take over.

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