Must Have Apps for a Social Media Community Manager

The world of social media, as you would know if you are a social media account manager is forever active. It never sleeps, I have had my phone buzz with inquiries pass midnight from some of the accounts I handle. Smartphone and mobile application have made our job a 24/7 one, and that’s good. We need to be on the ball at all times. In which case these apps are making our lives much easier.

So if you are new to the social media profession here are a few apps that will make your life easier and most probably keep you a wake at night:

[Please note: This list is not in any particulate order or ranked, also I’m not going to touch on the basic apps like the Facebook, twitter, Instagram app that are pretty much a given].

     1. Facebook Pages Manager

facebook-pages-manager-10-535x535Thisis an absolute life saver. I’m sure most you are already using this but I’m going touch on this because it’s a very important one. This app lets you do pretty much everything you need to do with your pages; update posts, reply to comments and inbox, etc… The only drawback I’ve come across in this app is the inability to hide comments. You’re are going to have to permanently delete those nasty once, so take a screen shot before you do.

You can download Facebook Pages Manager from the Google Play Store  or the Apple App Store.


2. Facebook Groups

facebook-shareThis is nifty little app that isn’t talked about enough.  This app gives you a dedicated space for you and your groups. Especially your client related groups. It’s a common and recommended practice now days to create secret Facebook groups which in to communicate with the client side team and to share information or social monitoring.

This app gives you a little bit more freedom with groups than on the Facebook app. I highly recommend having this app installed.


 3. Facebook Ad Manager


Ad Manager is still in its early days. What you can do with the app is limited to viewing/pausing ads that are currently running and creating new ads on the go, which given an urgent situation or when you don’t have access to a computer.





    4. Helakuru Sinhala Keyboard 

unnamedIf you are a community manager in Sri Lanka you would have noticed by now users are responding more and more to localized content. Meaning Sinhala content. Assuming your clients allow you to use Sinhala on their accounts you’ll be typing Sinhala content a lot. With the helakuru Sinhala keyboard you can use the Wijesekara keyboard that makes typing so much easier once you get used to it.



These four app should get you started on the Social Media on the go pack. If you know any other helpful apps that I have (definitely) missed, do comment below and let me know.



One thought on “Must Have Apps for a Social Media Community Manager

  1. seniinthebox says:

    You said there will be five apps at the beginning 😀


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