What Your School Didn’t Teach You & Response TL;DR version

During the weekend there was social media uproar regarding an article that was featured in the Colombo Telegraph by Thisuri Wanniarachchi titled: What Your Schools Didn’t Teach You

Unfortunately even though Thisuri had some valid pointers, her article was written in a way that depicted a level of prejudice and hurt, which lead most of the reader to quickly disown her views because it makes them feel victimized. Many felt the article generalizing certain aspects of the big match/Colombo boy’s school culture and responded in vague and butt-hurt manner. Others accepted it wholeheartedly.

Of the many responders that were voiced one very eloquently written post ( A Letter to Thisuri Wanniarachchi) by Kithmina Hewage articulated and pointed out why the article offends and at certain points:

An inability to justify your claims simply proves that you are as prejudicial as those you accuse of prejudice.

“An absence of a university degree does not imply that an individual is “socially and intellectually backward”. It, however, demonstrates that those who judge the worth of an individual based on their degree is socially and intellectually backward.”

And other times not but admitted that as a society we have an inherent problem and needs to be addressed:

“We should all draw more attention to this deficit and constructively contribute to this discourse in order to find suitable solutions.”


3 thoughts on “What Your School Didn’t Teach You & Response TL;DR version

  1. […] This post was written before the famous What Your Schools Didn’t Teach You word grenade was hurled by Thisuri Wanniarachchi. Certainly before Rothbourne’s response. […]


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