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Ash Wednesday

Dear Social Media Pan Cake bakers,

Before I start I just want to say, this is going to be a very opinionated and personal post.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the first day of lent for the Christians who commemorate the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert in preparation for his ministry. Which will eventually lead to his crucifixion on Good Friday and resurrection on Easter Sunday.

I know you social media account managers are longing for some “day” or “holiday” to put up a post. Let’s face it posting those motivational quotes and hipster post with a shady filter and random caption can get old at some point.

A really good example on how social media (and the savvy believes) tends to put a rather disrespectful twist on a sacred day:

Read Here: #Ashtag: Catholics snap Ash Wednesday selfies

Here’s some friendly advice. Don’t use Ash Wednesday to fill up your content plans. Just leave it alone.

Yours sincerely,

A Fellow Pan Cake Lover.

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Profile Pictures against X

Peace of mind is a right for all and is not something to be taken lightly when it is being tampered with. It isn’t always I take to social media to share my opinion on social issues, mainly because I do not see how that is effective in formulating a solution, yes awareness is good and it is always good to at the very least know and show that as a nation we are indeed united when we need to be.

I only changed the cover photo not because it will change anything or have a profound effect n the situation but because I believe peace of mind is everyone right and I want to raise awareness for anyone who doesn’t know that or doesn’t feel that way, know that tampering with ones peace of mind is not something you should do without carefully considering “How would I feel if this was happening against me?”

But as the post The Game of Robes – Can we help stop bigotry beyond changing our profile pictures? By explains:

“We think the MAJORITY stands against racism. The majority in YOUR world agrees with you. And remember there are only approximately 2.5 million Facebook users in an over 22 million population.”

So let’s face it, the majority as we know it is not the sole population of Colombo, In-fact the actual majority would be far from accepting your opinion of a “free country” and “unity in diversity”. Actually our little Facebook profile picture changing and are walks are basically the minority speaking up for the minority with a few open minded city folk from the majority and journalist.

To quote the above article:

“Lots of these folks are people who work and reside outstation. They have limited access to free media, and their Facebook feeds are filled with opinions from uneducated goons of their own culture. Let’s face it; people who are exposed to Colombo have a very different culture.”

And to add to that statement, they really do believe this that the nation belongs to the majority and its original state needs to be preserve all it takes is a few established and influential people to tell them that they need to act to protect their ways.  Just like the people who influence us tell us that this is a free country and we need to be united to protect it.

It pains me to see the support the organizations and “venerable” people activity promoting hate out in the open and we think simply changing the profile picture will do to stop that. Yes social media can be a powerful tool to fight against this threat to our solidarity as a nation. If you notice I am not talking about the actual issues of bigotry and racism, because well I am someone from the minority and frankly I have nothing to say that will make a difference. So I would like to take this post to urge the open minded and influential members of the majority to please speak up!

Look I don’t know how to combat this situation, so I won’t pretend to have a plan going around dissing people who think they are making a difference, at least they try and hope their action will have an effect.

But here is my challenge to all of you, you are all smart people. You all use social media avidly. Use your brilliantly creative mind to reach out to the people who need to be reached out to and let me know too. I like the rest of you want to be a part of the solution but a proper solution not just get on the bandwagon for the sake of it. So come on people use your brilliant minds to come up with solution other than the all too useless profile picture and hashtags.


Disclaimer: the owner of this profile meant to make a sarcastic remark. The metaphor being that some of us try to raise awareness without being aware ourselves. Don’t be that person.

Disclaimer: the owner of this profile meant to make a sarcastic remark. The metaphor being that some of us try to raise awareness without being aware ourselves. Don’t be that person.

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What chances does he have?

Did you know that a child walking into a mine field has a better chance of surviving than someone with a heart condition in the North of Sri Lanka?

The nearest cardiac hospital from Jaffa is in Kandy, and the distance and time taken to travel to the nearest hospital lessens the chance of someone surviving a heart ailment.

Help a heart by donating to build a cardiac hospital in the North of Sri Lanka: #HearttoHeart

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Facebook Hashtags and Ads

I was having a discussion the other day how convenient it is to use Facebook hashtags to track entries when conducting a Facebook promotion, especially when running a sharable content generating app or when the campaign demands generating online conversation (e.g. Etisalat Share a plate and Fortune Kokis), of course the user’s privacy settings can be a barrier if you want to track accurate numbers.
If only Facebook insights gave details on hashtags for reporting purposes.

Also an API to share the content related to Facebook hashtag outside the platform (e.g. on a website as a widget) would be nice too. (Get to work Zuckeeburg)

From the social media professionals perspective this is God sent for about mentioned reasons and would be swell if the above suggested features could be implemented soon too.

However as a Tweep (someone who tweets often) who use hashtags on a daily basis I find that Facebook hashtags have not been put to good use.

I am considering how this feature [Facebook hashtags] can be utilized in Facebook advertising? since let’s face it, with the new UI overhaul that is designed specifically to cater to serving a better ad share, Facebook is on its way to becoming an online marketing platform, if it hasn’t already.

What do you think? It there a potential use for Facebook hashtags in ad serving, will there be technical barriers? Can hashtags on Facebook be used to better digital marketing/paid advertising strategies?

Just putting the thought out there for anyone to ponder and cultivate.



P.S. don’t you think “Faced it” should be a phrase by now? Sure Facebook-ed it is fine but just saying.

P.P.S.  This post and thought process was inspired when I read Nadeera’s a.k.a @nnulk’s blog post: The Kavum Paradox: Success of Facebook Hashtags Feature

Check out nnulk’s blog for more insightful social media posts.


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