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Doctor Who is a Woman!

It’s official the 13th incarnation of the most popular alien with two hearts was announced to be Jodie Whittaker!


Yes! It’s happening. No! It’s not the end of the world. In fact it’s the beginning of an all new world, or should I say worlds? You know since Doctor Who is a show about a time traveling alien in outer space?

Yeah, you got it..

For those who are saying “OMG! What is wrong with the world! The Doctor HAS to be a man!”

Look I was just like you. I was determined that the Doctor had to be a man because of the 50-year-old dynamic that has worked so well but when I saw the names thrown around for the female lead I was excited, there were a bunch of talented ladies who could actually do the character justice.

That and also the male favorites thrown around weren’t as impressive or made much practical sense.

I was hoping the female Doctor would be Olivia Coleman and my only satisfactory male Doctor for the 13th incarnation would have been Craig Ferguson.

But having seen Jodie Whittaker’s talent as an actor in Broadchurch and the depth she brings to her character was enough to get me excited!

Also the fact that Chris Chibnall was in charge of Broadchurch, and had worked with Jodie before I’m confident them working together will have some amazing results.

If nothing else the fact that Chris chose her, knowing her abilities is good enough for me, and if you really need a man to validate a female Doctor there you go…

Also if you are worried about the science (fiction) and logic logic if a time lord could even be a woman? If it was just a PC move to satisfy the “femilnazi” it’s not.. Through the history of Doctor Who it has been indicated that THIS CAN HAPPEN!

A few questions tho:

  1. What will she wear? I wouldn’t mind her in a dress (it better have pockets for the sonic screwdriver) but will it be practical? I mean pants are basically unisex at this point right?
  2. Will her companion be a male? Or female? Or both?
  3. Will she have the same sonic screwdriver ans TARDIS as Capaldi?
  4. Will her Doctor be aware that she’s a woman now? He did say he’s farily certain he used to be a woman at some point (wait so he has regenerated even more that the 15 times we’re aware of?)
  5. Do female time lords (ummmm… time ladies?) Become pregnant?
  6. Will she be Scottish?
  7. Why is she still not ginger?

Well guess we’ll have to wait till the Christmas special or season 11 to find out.

I for one am super excited. I really hope Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall will do this iconic show justice!

I will miss Peter and Pearl tho. Peter was the embodiment of the Doctor’s character but didn’t get a proper opportunity to shine in the first two seasons of his run and Peale didn’t get enough time to be her brilliant self.

Well, Geronimo!

Also read: 5 Reasons why Jodie Whittaker is a good choice for ‘Doctor Who’ (and none are because she is female)

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Marmite is the best thing the British have come up with after Doctor Who (and for those who don’t know me: I am obsessed with Doctor Who,  me comparing Marmite to the Doctor is a big big deal! Also to Doctor loves Marmite too or he might hate it.. You can never tell with the Doctor’s ever-changing personally :P)

We all had some kind of relationship to Marmite growing up… But I started have serious a serious relationship with Marmite when the Marmite Sri Lanka Facebook page started. Soon after the page started posting pictures of all kind of food with Marmite, combination I have never even considered.

This is when I started adding Marmite to every meal I prepared! From rice, to rotti, to noodles, to chicken, to banana’s and milkshakes!

My #MarmitememoryJar is full of awesome recipes I have tried with Marmite which of course improved the taste and smell of every meal!!!

Even though I’m rarely home now, every time I am home I add Marmite to what ever my mom has prepared, because home is where the Marmite jar is at no ;D


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Facebook Hashtags and Ads

I was having a discussion the other day how convenient it is to use Facebook hashtags to track entries when conducting a Facebook promotion, especially when running a sharable content generating app or when the campaign demands generating online conversation (e.g. Etisalat Share a plate and Fortune Kokis), of course the user’s privacy settings can be a barrier if you want to track accurate numbers.
If only Facebook insights gave details on hashtags for reporting purposes.

Also an API to share the content related to Facebook hashtag outside the platform (e.g. on a website as a widget) would be nice too. (Get to work Zuckeeburg)

From the social media professionals perspective this is God sent for about mentioned reasons and would be swell if the above suggested features could be implemented soon too.

However as a Tweep (someone who tweets often) who use hashtags on a daily basis I find that Facebook hashtags have not been put to good use.

I am considering how this feature [Facebook hashtags] can be utilized in Facebook advertising? since let’s face it, with the new UI overhaul that is designed specifically to cater to serving a better ad share, Facebook is on its way to becoming an online marketing platform, if it hasn’t already.

What do you think? It there a potential use for Facebook hashtags in ad serving, will there be technical barriers? Can hashtags on Facebook be used to better digital marketing/paid advertising strategies?

Just putting the thought out there for anyone to ponder and cultivate.



P.S. don’t you think “Faced it” should be a phrase by now? Sure Facebook-ed it is fine but just saying.

P.P.S.  This post and thought process was inspired when I read Nadeera’s a.k.a @nnulk’s blog post: The Kavum Paradox: Success of Facebook Hashtags Feature

Check out nnulk’s blog for more insightful social media posts.


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The Journey



Picture speaks a thousand words(in this case 468).

In the seemingly infinite wake in life, as we talk the road less traveled by, the narrow path, the way of darkness that lead to our final destination, we hope and dream that at the end we will still be a team that can proudly say that we took on the world together.

We also know that in this pained walk we are never alone, a friend a guide to take us though this strange ordeal always besides us to the very end, and at the end we’ll turn around and look back at our foot prints, some fading some imprinted strong on the heart of the people who we touch and the lives we transformed and feel a strange but fulfilling happiness of knowing our true purpose has been achieved!
And on the way, by the way… those were the best time we have ever had, the fun and the joy of each other’s company, the love and the unity that we shared will forever be the same. We realize that the magical bond that weaved into place as we traveled high and traveled low, looking for the things we love the most or aimlessly wondering till we find out what to look for. As the storms came and we doubted ourselves you kept us going, you carried me though knowing that we’ll make it Those memories they still remain clearly as a still from a full HD lens focused on the best moments and blur at the worst.

As we took this journey, we learnt so much that books and teachers could have never thought us. The lessons in life which are so much more valuable than silver or gold I am proud to say that we learnt them together, you have become part of my life experience which one day I will pass down to my children and their children.

Time seems to have stopped and we felt like the world was ours, but soon realizes that the world was in need, we didn’t know what or how to find it. So we traveled deep in the words and we found what we hoped we will find. We couldn’t keep the best joy we found to ourselves we had to go out and tell it to the world, some rejoiced in what we had to say other’s scoffed and scorned and rejected it, saying we were the fool to waste the best years of our life chasing a false truth, but we never gave up we wiped our feel and we kept on going we went deeper, to every nook and corner looking for people who need to hear the news.

As we have come the end of this fine journey let me tell you my friend, the journey has only begun. This is only a


[UPDATE] Juli Hathai (ජුලි 7යි)

Last week I had the unique privilege of watching the first media screening of a Sinhalese movie Juli Hathai (ජුලි 7යි ) at the invitation of (perks of being an Agency man), If you know me then you know it is very unlikely of me to use the words “privilege” and “Sinhalese movie” in the same sentence.

If anyone has watched a Sri Lankan comedy you would agree that it is more of an embarrassment than entertaining. Even the “adaptations” just make you want to hide your face and cry of embarrassment and cringe at the thought of it, maybe it’s because I’m comparing my entertainment experience to the big blockbusters, maybe some locals actually do enjoy them. What I’m trying to get at with all this complaining is: This was NOT like that, this was a totally new and different experience.

To give you some technical background about this piece: Juli Hathai is based on the script of  Don’t Dress for Dinner, a two-act play by French playwright Marc Camoletti. The adaptation is set in the 1970’s and filmed in black and white, this is to draw the viewers focus on to the actors and not distract them with color. The acting method used to capture the story is Actor’s Art which to my understanding involves the actor’s body language, expressions and dialogue.  The movie is shot within one angel and one set with constant props much like a cross between a  stage play and a Charlie Chaplin movie. 

The initial reaction when you hear the movie being black and white might  be one of rather doubt and eyebrow raising, but in fact the when you actually watch it, the absence of color actually doesn’t make a difference (like when you watch a 3D movie and after a while it just feels like you’re watching on your normal screen), it actually enhances the enjoyability.

The story (spoilers not included) revolves around a married couple, thier best man, a mistress, a cook and her husband, bring the cast to a total of (only) six actors that ensure a hilarious encounter that will leave you utterly confused and hurting from laughing so much. Yes this movie is actually really funny! not the lame kinda funny where we end up laughing at the actors themselves but rather at the acting. By the end of the movie I had laughed so much that I just sat there smiling because I just couldn’t move my face anymore. honestly some of the best local comedy I have seen in a long long time.

The overarching message is brought in a very subtle yet obvious way, despite being set in the 70’s is a relevant one for us in the modern age.

I give this movie a 8.5/10 for its uniqueness, creativity and boldness to try something new. Juli Hathai (ජුලි 7යි)  premieres in theaters on (wait-for-it) July 7th 2014. I urge and recommend you to go watch this movie with your friends and family. You will not regret it nor will you be disappointed, it is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and really think about certain things we do.

sweet අනේ


UPDATE: The release date for this movie has been postponed indefinitely, will update once the dates are confirmed.

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The Fault In Ourselves

This post is going to be about a pressing issues in our society and about a book that has changed the way I look at life.

The topic Teenage suicide and the book “The Fault In Our Star” both have the similar theme of death hovering around it, but what sets them apart is that in one while young teenagers throw away their lives (literally) in the other one girl struggles to live.

The book The Fault In Our Stars is a romantic comedy about a girl suffering from cancer who quite frankly makes it seem hilarious through her quirky personally and very sophisticated and vast vocabulary all while dealing with being a “Professional Sick Person.” Her story is captured beautifully through the writing of John Green.

Thank you Shailee for lending me this book.

This book is not a cancer book, because cancer books suck” – Hazel Grace

If I gained something from this book it would be a new respect for life and if I learned something from this book is that every life is invaluable.

Honestly all I have to say about suicide is that its a crappy choice, don’t make that choice. Something that happened on Facebook is not a valid reason to end it. Think about the pain you are leaving behind. Being embarrassed is like falling in love, it’s a choice. You choose to be embarrassed; choose instead to make it a life lesson, so like me one day you can share it in the hope that it will help someone else.

Stop for a minute and think about Hazel Grace Lancaster, she had nothing going for her she was dying anyway. But she didn’t want to die because she wanted to be remembered, remembered for something other that having a cancer.

Give yourself that opportunity, to be remembered for something other than whatever situation brought you to believe that suicide is a valid choice. If you are someone willing to commit to killing yourself, take my advice put that commitment in to good use, you might end up changing the world for all you know.

If you are someone who is contemplating suicide as an option, I hope this post finds its way to you, that it will give you a new perspective and will help you make the right choice, and the right choice is always life.


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