Facebook Hashtags and Ads

I was having a discussion the other day how convenient it is to use Facebook hashtags to track entries when conducting a Facebook promotion, especially when running a sharable content generating app or when the campaign demands generating online conversation (e.g. Etisalat Share a plate and Fortune Kokis), of course the user’s privacy settings can be a barrier if you want to track accurate numbers.
If only Facebook insights gave details on hashtags for reporting purposes.

Also an API to share the content related to Facebook hashtag outside the platform (e.g. on a website as a widget) would be nice too. (Get to work Zuckeeburg)

From the social media professionals perspective this is God sent for about mentioned reasons and would be swell if the above suggested features could be implemented soon too.

However as a Tweep (someone who tweets often) who use hashtags on a daily basis I find that Facebook hashtags have not been put to good use.

I am considering how this feature [Facebook hashtags] can be utilized in Facebook advertising? since let’s face it, with the new UI overhaul that is designed specifically to cater to serving a better ad share, Facebook is on its way to becoming an online marketing platform, if it hasn’t already.

What do you think? It there a potential use for Facebook hashtags in ad serving, will there be technical barriers? Can hashtags on Facebook be used to better digital marketing/paid advertising strategies?

Just putting the thought out there for anyone to ponder and cultivate.



P.S. don’t you think “Faced it” should be a phrase by now? Sure Facebook-ed it is fine but just saying.

P.P.S.  This post and thought process was inspired when I read Nadeera’s a.k.a @nnulk’s blog post: The Kavum Paradox: Success of Facebook Hashtags Feature

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