The Journey



Picture speaks a thousand words(in this case 468).

In the seemingly infinite wake in life, as we talk the road less traveled by, the narrow path, the way of darkness that lead to our final destination, we hope and dream that at the end we will still be a team that can proudly say that we took on the world together.

We also know that in this pained walk we are never alone, a friend a guide to take us though this strange ordeal always besides us to the very end, and at the end we’ll turn around and look back at our foot prints, some fading some imprinted strong on the heart of the people who we touch and the lives we transformed and feel a strange but fulfilling happiness of knowing our true purpose has been achieved!
And on the way, by the way… those were the best time we have ever had, the fun and the joy of each other’s company, the love and the unity that we shared will forever be the same. We realize that the magical bond that weaved into place as we traveled high and traveled low, looking for the things we love the most or aimlessly wondering till we find out what to look for. As the storms came and we doubted ourselves you kept us going, you carried me though knowing that we’ll make it Those memories they still remain clearly as a still from a full HD lens focused on the best moments and blur at the worst.

As we took this journey, we learnt so much that books and teachers could have never thought us. The lessons in life which are so much more valuable than silver or gold I am proud to say that we learnt them together, you have become part of my life experience which one day I will pass down to my children and their children.

Time seems to have stopped and we felt like the world was ours, but soon realizes that the world was in need, we didn’t know what or how to find it. So we traveled deep in the words and we found what we hoped we will find. We couldn’t keep the best joy we found to ourselves we had to go out and tell it to the world, some rejoiced in what we had to say other’s scoffed and scorned and rejected it, saying we were the fool to waste the best years of our life chasing a false truth, but we never gave up we wiped our feel and we kept on going we went deeper, to every nook and corner looking for people who need to hear the news.

As we have come the end of this fine journey let me tell you my friend, the journey has only begun. This is only a



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