The Nightmare

So I had a nightmare last night:

A group of friends I and were out hiking. We were on our way down literally sliding down the mountain side as if we were snowboarding. It was all fun and games till we passed a patch of plain ground; the base was covered with a throng of resting black butterflies! I managed to pass them by without giving much thought because we were speeding by them.

We spend on between the trees and then I saw it! I skidded to a stop when I saw what was ahead… The entire plain was covered with huge black resting butterflies. They were just there on the ground doing nothing, some were flapping their wings in slow motion.

My skin started to crawl like they were under my shirt sleeves. I ended up having a panic attack I quickly backed up against a tree free of any butterflies. I quickly pulled my collar up and put my sleeves down, something I do usually as a coping mechanism. I found it hard to break now; I really was having a panic attack.

We were supposed to go through them! Obviously this was out of the question for me. So the others decided to go through them, the group leader and a few friends decided to take me around another way free of butterflies.

At which point I woke up with relief.

Some context: I have a phobia of butterflies.


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